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Do not Underestimate, Sports Habits Also Affect Fertility

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Do not Underestimate, Sports Habits Also Affect Fertility


Sports routine is not only important to maintain the stability of body weight. In fact this also positively impacts your body's fertility level. According to fertility health experts from USC Fertility, Los Angeles, Kristin Bendikson, MD, having a healthy lifestyle with a true exercise routine also affects the fertility level. However, . If your weight is normal, excessive exercise and too forced can actually disrupt the work of hormones. In women, this can affect the menstrual cycle, says Bendikson, quoted from Women's Health Mag.Read also: Reckless When Menstruation, Beware RisikonyaIa continue, more frequent exercise is usually more needed in those who have excess body weight. Because to restore the stability of hormones and increase the level of fertility, then the recommended first step is to lose weight. But if the weight is still at normal levels, then you just exercise in an extreme and low-calorie diet, you actually risk to stop ovulating at all, he added In other words, exercise can also affect your fertility positively as it improves heart and lung health, along with emotional well-being. This is conveyed by the expert reproductive endocrinology and fertility Sheeva Talebian, MD.Read also: 3 Conditions that Make Labor Feel So Pain The key is to exercise enough and as needed. That way, you will get the benefits of increased fertility but remain active and not excessive, Talebian message.Why weight related to the level of fertility? According to research from the Journal of the Turkish German Gynecological Association, women with excess body weight have a higher chance of experiencing fertility problems. In addition, they also have an increased risk of complications of pregnancy or even miscarriage. Conversely, weight that is too low and less than normal can also have a negative impact on fertility. Both of these conditions are known to affect hormone levels, leading to irregular menstrual and ovulatory cycles. Also read: Baby Tuber Program Not Recommended For Women Over 40 Years (ajg / up)



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